Vỏ Composte, Vỏ thiết bị lọc nước bằng composite

FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) & composite vessels are manufactured by Pentair Water Shuzhou subsidiary of Pentair Inc. (a global leader headquartered in Minnesota, USA with operations across 50 locations in North America, Europe, Asia & Australia and has an annual sales turnover of 2.8 US Billion dollars. Today Pentair Water Shuzhou is the world class & the largest manufacturer of water treatment components in the country with state of the art manufacturing facility. Pentair components is guaranteed by International Certifications like ASME, NSF, CE and ISO 9001.

What makes Structural a global leader in Composite Pressure Vessel technology?

All pressure vessels are manufactured using a seamless polyethylene shell i.e. wound continuously with fiber glass reinforcements & sealed with epoxy resins.
Every structural FRP & Composite vessel is designed to last 2, 50,000 cycles without failure & a minimum burst pressure of four times the rated pressure.


Structural / PENTAIR FRP and composite pressure vessels are used in industrial and domestic water treatment applications like

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