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Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical FormAmber translucent spherical beads
MatrixStyrene-DVB, gel
Functional groupSulfonic acid
Ionic form as shippedNa+ formH+ form
Total volume capacity, min.eq/L  kgr/ft3 as CaCO32.0 43.71.8 39.3
Particle size 
300–1,200 μm, min. (50 mesh–16 mesh)%9090
Acidity rangepH7.0–10.5
Color throw, as packaged, max.APHA20
Moisture retention capacity%44–4850–56
Whole uncracked beads%90–10090–100
Total swelling (Na+ → H+)%88
Particle densityg/mL1.281.22
Shipping density**g/L lbs/ft3820 51780 49

† For additional particle size information, please refer to Particle Size Distribution Cross Reference Chart

(Form No. 177-01775). **As per the backwashed and settled density of the resin, determined by ASTM D-2187

Suggested Operating Conditions

Maximum operating temperature120ºC (250ºF)
pH range0–14
Bed depth, min.800 mm (2.6 ft)
Flow rates:
Service/fast rinse5–50 m/h (2–20 gpm/ft2)
BackwashSee figure 1
Co-current regeneration/displacement rinse1–10 m/h (0.4–4 gpm/ft2)
Total rinse requirement3–6 BV*
Regenerant1–8% H2SO4, 4–8% HCl or 8–12% NaCl

*1 BV (Bed Volume) = 1 m3 solution per m3 resin or 7.5 gals per ft3 resin

Page 1 of 3 ®TM Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow Form No. 177-02266-0411

Packaging 25 liter bags or 5 cubic feet fiber drums

Hydraulic Figure 1 shows the bed expansion of DOWEX™ HCR-S resin as a function of backwash

Characteristics flow rate and water temperature. Figure 2 shows the pressure drop data for DOWEX HCR-S as a function of service flow rate and water temperature. Pressure drop data are valid at the start of the service run with clear water and a correctly classified bed.

Figure 1. Backwash Expansion Data Figure 2. Pressure Drop Data

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